Cyber Security Director & Executive mentoring

How to become a Cyber director

Many of the existing boards have a skill matrix that covers financial skills, governance, legal aspects and in many cases the knowledge of the specific industry. However, in the context of Internet connectivity and heavy reliance on online presence and IT infrastructure, combined with the ever growing cyber security threats, the skill matrix of a board should be augmented with cyber governance understanding.

Executive Cyber Governance Mentoring

Price: $4,800 + GST
Audience: Directors, Executives and future Directors
Duration: 12 Months

  • Establish the scope and outcomes of the mentoring (cyber governance will be at the centre)
  • Monthly meetings or phone conversations
  • Materials, plans, policies and templates that are useful in the course of becoming a Cyber Director
  • Access to the Mentor via email/phone
  • Raise the Director/Executive profile through invitations to events