Cyber Resilience Solutions

Cyber Strategy and Governance

Cyber security is not just an IT matter. The cyber security discussion must start in the boardroom. Do you have a Cyber Security Strategy? Do you have a Cyber security framework that is embeded in your overall governance framework?

Cyber Security Education

Cyber security education must be delivered at all levels of the organisation. Learning and development should be on your board charter. We offer cyber security courses for Directors and Officers, Cyber risk workshops and cyber education for the staff.

Cyber Security Products and Solutions

We offer Cyber security risk and insurance solutions, Cyber security assessments, E-learning courses and face-to-face education. For medium to large organisations, we offer cloud cyber security solutions employing the latest technology.



In Australia, all healthcare services organisations must report data breaches as of 23 February 2018. To minimize the impact of a data breach, organisations should prepare to implement cyber security technical solutions, governance measures and consider cyber insurance.


Small and Medium enterprises are the most targeted by cyber attacks, according to a recent study from the UK. The cyber criminals often scan the Internet for vulnerable devices. We provide solutions suitable for SMEs that are both efficient and reasonably price.

Board of Directors

Very few boards of directors are prepared with a Cyber strategy or Cyber security framework that is embeded into the overall governance framework. We help boards understand their risks, regulatory obligations and help them create the right cyber security frameworks and strategy.

Cyber Security Governanace Assessments

Many organisations do not know where to start in their quest to become cyber resilient. We undertake cyber security governance assessments and give the board and owners a clear understanding of their status. We also put forward recommendations that are clear to follow and implement and are tailored to each business.

Become the cyber director on your board

Directors understand governance and the aspects of the business they serve. Cyber security governance does not come natural to many directors yet it is a significant risk. We mentor directors to become the cyber security champions through a tailored mentoring program.

CRIS - Cyber Risk and Insurance Solutions

Cyber risk must be understood, assessed and mitigated. The residual risks should be correlated with adequate cyber insurance policies which can help organisations in crisis and cyber attack situations. To take up a policy that will be useful and will help the insured, organisations should understand what risks they need to be covered for and what risks they can manage internally.

Cyber Resilient organisations

We help organisations achieve cyber resilience status by taking the following approach:

  • Governance: perform cyber governance assessments, educate the board and help them implement a cyber strategy for the whole organisation
  • Risk management: embed the cyber risks in the overall risk management system, implement risks management frameworks, correlate cyber risks with cyber insurance
  • Tactical plans: introduce or review existing business plans, improve and review the tactical plans across all departments (HR, IT, Procurement, Operations)
  • Awareness: maintain awareness and introduce a cyber safe culture

Organisations must take steps to prepare for the increasing cyber attacks, which are both more frequent and more sophisticated. No company should be complacent and think they won't be attacked.

Do you have the right governance and systems to defend against cyber threats? Are you prepared for a major attack? We can help organisations small and large to prepare and mitigate cyber attacks.